What is a psychographics and lifestyles analysis? explain what is psychographics and lifestyles analysis?

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In Marketing, a tool that is used in conjunction with demographics and geographics, is psychographics.  While demographics give you statistical information about potential customers, such as age, income, education, marital status, and geographics provide information about where you live, psychographics are more open-ended, dealing with emotional behavior, attitudes, self-concept, opinions, and values.

Psychographics fill in the blanks on a customer profile that allow marketers to specifically target marketing, promotion, advertising to a select segment.

"One definition states that lifestyle is “the patterns in which people live and spend time and money.” This definition is useful to marketers because it casts lifestyle in terms of consumption patterns."

Psychographics really tap into the personality of the potential customer,  providing a unique set of data to the marketer.  This data is then combined with the demographics and geographics, psychographics are not used alone, but  enhance the understanding of lifestyle choices and how to position advertising.

This category has to do with refining the communication process in marketing to create the best possible encoding of the message.  When the sender understands the field of experience of the receiver, such as when the additional layer of detail is added with psychographics, the sender has a better chance of the message, or the advertising, being decoded with a positive outcome, which in marketing is drawing a customer to buy your product or service.

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