Explain what Pony means when he says Soda "reminds me of a colt" in The Outsiders?

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Soda reminds Pony of a colt because he is handsome and enjoys attention.

When the police and reporters come, Ponyboy gets mixed up from their questions and starts to feel sick.  Soda, on the other hand, seems to enjoy the attention.

I swear, sometimes he reminds me of a colt. A long-legged palomino colt that has to get his nose into everything. The reporters stared at him admiringly; I told you he looks like a movie star, and he kind of radiates. (ch 7, p. 101)

This is an interesting comparison, because earlier Pony described Soda’s infatuation with Mickey Mouse, a horse he really loved.  The horse never belonged to Soda, but Soda took care of it and loved it like his own.  Here, Soda is compared to a colt because he is comfortable with himself and enjoys attention.  Pony says he “radiates” like a movie star, and all of the reporters admire him.  Pony also admires him, because he can’t feel comfortable in his own skin.


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