In "The Bet," explain what is meant by the line ''The state is not god''?

usagolsem | Student
The state means the government that maintain law and order, administration and development of a country. Political power is vested to them by the people for them as we joy all. In the eyes of god man has no power or right to punish a man for their fault whatever may be. Everything should leave to god as He is only the one who can justify anything and everything. In some extent, though man is to manage for material balance and order of the society he can not kill a man at any cost since he can not restore a life. Only god has the power and the right to do so since He is ruler of all. So state is not vested all the power and the rights that he considers to be rightful without the spiritual acceptance of God. Thus a government of a state has no right to kill a man,
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