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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first post has given a definition that is math oriented, but there are other definitions as well. A more generic definition is as follows. A matrix is something that constitutes the place from which something else originates or develops. In the light of this definition, we can say that the Greco-Roman world is the matrix from which Europe and American emerged. We can say this, because the Greeks and the Romans influenced our culture greatly. Or we can say that the Protestant Reformation is the matrix from which the Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist churches emerged. I think you get the point.

mkcapen1 | Student

Matrices are a component of algebra and are often introduced in Algebra II classes.  They are information of a set of numbers that is placed in a rectangle form.  The numbers appear in rows and columns.  There are usually more than one ma trice and to solve them the numbers must be calculated systematically. 

Let says you have have two matrices.  You would first perform the order of operation relative to whether the number is a positive or negative on the top number in the first row.

For example:         3   5                    4         3

                          1    3                   2         1

                                (3 +4)    (5+3)

                                (1 +2)    (3+1)

Do this with each corresponding row and column.

Next complete the operation.       7          8

                                              3          4