Explain what makes the central character of A Farewell to Arms dynamic?

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What makes Frederic Henry a dynamic character is that, over the course of the novel, he lives and learns, changes and grows until, at long last, he achieves the kind of maturity previously only displayed by Catherine. Initially, Henry's a thoroughgoing cynic, who deals with his numerous demons by plunging himself into a life of self-indulgent dissipation. Henry hates the world around him, but instead of trying to deal with his alienation in a responsible manner, he chooses to blot it out through alcohol and meaningless relationships.

This attitude can be seen in Henry's stubborn refusal to face up to the realities of war. The only way he can deal with the conflict is by dropping the subject altogether and pretending that the whole thing's not really happening. Thanks to Catherine, however, he comes to realize that he cannot avoid war any more than he can avoid life. He must participate in the world around him instead of constantly running away from it.

Catherine has shown him how to do that, through believing in something, whether it's love, religion, or country. By the end of the novel Henry's been saved from nihilistic despair to the extent that he experiences a hitherto unthinkable degree of inner peace and security. In other words, he's become more like Catherine, ennobled and transformed by her love.

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The central character in Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms is Lt. Frederic Henry.  At the beginning of the novel, Henry is quite shallow and does not appear to care very deeply about anything.  He questions the war, his role in the war, and ultimately, his purpose in life.  Early in the novel when he chats with the priest, Henry reveals that he does not believe in God.  However, as the novel continues, he ends up meeting and falling in love with nurse Catherine Barkley, and his relationship with her changes him--arguably for the better.  Dynamic characters are ones that evolve, develop, and grow from their experiences, and this is what happens to Henry after he meets Catherine.  When the couple finds out that Catherine is pregnant, Henry knows that he must get them all to a safer place, so he organizes a way for them to row to another country.  Henry takes great risks that he likely would never have taken before.  These acts are some of the things that make Lt. Henry a dynamic character.

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