Explain what Kenny is reffering to when he states that from "communist influence" to "the coast of Florida"?

mkovacs2011 | Student

When Kenndy refers to communist influence and the coast of Florida, it is a multi-faceted reference. Firstly, it is referring to the close proximity of Florida to communist Cuba. In fact, the distance between Havana, the capital of Cuba to Key West, Florida is only 106 miles/170 kilometers. The second way in which communist influence is referenced is due to the "domino effect". The domino effect is a Cold War term referring to the thoery that if a single nation falls to communism, than the surrounding nations will also do the same, thus a domino effect would occur. The fear of communist influence to the coast of florida, is the fear that since Cuba is so close to Florida, that if the communist government of Cuba stood, than the other latin nations surrounding Cuba would also fall to communism, thus spreading the influence of communism, primarily in relation to how close these countries are to the coast of Florida, and thus the United States of America as a whole.

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