Who did Samuel Steele arrest in 1884 at Blackfoot Crossing?

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In 1884, in the lead-up to the Northwest Rebellion led by Louis Riel, Samuel Steele and two other officers arrested Bear's Head at Blackfoot Crossing.  Bear's Head, a Metis, was an emissary from Riel to the Blackfoot people, meant to encourage them to join in the rebellion that Riel was planning.

The incident at Blackfoot Crossing came after Steele had already sent his men to arrest Bear's Head once.  After the first arrest, Bear's Head had jumped out of a moving train while being brought to Calgary.  After this, Steele decided to go to Blackfoot Crossing himself to arrest Bear's Head a second time.  He found Bear's Head at the annual Sun Dance of the Blackfeet.  He dragged Bear's Head out of the tipi of the Blackfoot leader Crowfoot and took him away.

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