A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel García Márquez

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Explain what Father Gonzaga does in order to prove that the Old Man is not an angel.  How is this a criticism of organized religion?  

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Father Gonzaga first speaks to the Old Man in Latin and determines that since he (Old Man) does not understand the language of God (Latin), he must be an impostor. Father Gonzaga also uses the slippery logic that since wings are not useful in determining the difference between a hawk and an airplane, they are hardly useful in determining a definitive angel. Gonzaga stubbornly resorts to core church doctrine and does not suppose that he might learn something new about angels. But to be sure, Father Gonzaga writes to a Bishop who will write to another intermediary who will then write to the Pope to get a final answer.

Those at the Vatican wonder if the alleged angel has a navel, if his language is similar to Aramaic, or how many times he could fit on the end of a pin. Some mythologies describe angels as...

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