Explain what changed Wes into a lover of reading in The Other Wes Moore?

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Wes Moore credits his love of reading to his mother giving him a book that actually interested him, which showed him the possibilities of literature.

Moore wasn't a great student when he was younger. His grades fell behind, and he was on a lower reading level than his grade level by the time he was eight. Even at military school, he isn't prepared to be academically successful at first. However, his dislike of reading changes when his mother brings him Fab Five by Mitch Albom.

The book interests him because it's about a college basketball team with five freshman starters that makes it to the national championships. The characters remind him of people from the Bronx, and he says he felt "as engulfed in their destiny" as he was in his own. Though he enjoyed the book, he ultimately says that the book itself didn't matter.

What mattered to Moore was that reading didn't have to be "a chore," and that it could be "a window into new worlds." Once he understood that, Moore became a voracious reader who loved many books. One he especially credits with who he is now is My American Journey by Colin Powell.

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