What excuse does Mr. Ewell give for not running after Tom Robinson when he allegedly attacked Mayella?

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Bob Ewell claims in his trial testimony that he saw Tom Robinson assaulting Mayella through a window, ran around the house, and that Tom Robinson ran out the front door before Ewell could get to him.  Then, he claims, "I was too distracted about Mayella to run after 'im.  I run in the house and she was lyin' in the floor squallin'--"  Apparently, Ewell didn't stay distracted for long, however, because he states that he then ran to get Sheriff Tate; Atticus asks him on cross-examination if he ever thought, with all this running around taking place, to perhaps run and get Mayella a doctor, but Ewell responds that it would have been too expensive. 

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He said that Tom ran out the door and he did not have time to chase after him since Mayella was in pain. However he soon ran to Sheriff Tate and told him about mayella. Atticus asked if he asked to see a doctor but Bob said that would have been too expensive, and here we know Bob hit Mayella. 

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