In Chapter 8 of TKAM, what does Atticus mean by telling Jem not to let his discovery "inspire" him to "further glory"?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Atticus says this to Jem when the children discover that Boo Radley covered Scout's shoulders with a blanket unbeknownst to Jem or Scout while they watched the fire at Miss Maudie's house.  At this time, the children confess a little bit of what they had attempted in the past to get Boo to "come out" or to communicate with their mysterious neighbor.  Jem seems quite proud of the fact that he and Scout have madesuch an "impression" on Boo that he would risk coming out of the house and getting so close to them.  Atticus's comment is a warning to Jem to leave Boo alone and to avoid trying any other methods of luring him out of the house.

Lee also includes this incident in the book to foreshadow Boo's protective feelings for the children and the more significant risk that he takes on their behalf near the novel's end.

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