Explain what arrangements were made for Schindler's business success.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the film and in the book, Oskar Schindler had done several things to ensure that his business was successful.  The first thing he did was befriend the high ranking officers of the Nazi party.  In doing this through generosity, charm, and graft, Schindler ensured that his business would not have to face procedural obstacles which would harm it.  Additionally, Schindler did not look at race as a barrier to generating start up capital and investment money.  Rather, he worked with members of the Jewish community, using their capital and paying it back with "portable wealth" (metals, objects that can be bartered, as Jewish people were relegated to the ghetto). 

He also was able to generate a sense of "panache" or "presentation," as he puts it.  This level of skillful veneer would be able to allow him to generate more clients, a greater demand for his products, and develop the contacts that would allow his business to profit.  He made money during the war, which naturally increases production and productivity.  He understood that war is a money making business.  At the same time, though, when he developed a sense of conscious about the treatment of the Jewish people under Nazi rule, he used his profitability to "buy" a higher level of his own consciousness, contributing greatly to his economic downfall.