Explain ways in which air pollution affects the quality of life of Caribbean people?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Air pollution is a serious problem, because it not only affects all living things (even non living things, like our water), but also the quality of our lives. Also one must keep in mind that this is not only a problem for the Caribbean people, but all people. Just a few summers ago, some athletes refused to compete in the Beijing olympics, because of the air quality. These men and women hit on an important point, namely that air quality affects people in serious ways. If this is prolonged, there will be many health hazards - lung problems, for example. More importantly, one has also to ask why there is air pollution. What is causing it? Who is responsible for it? Who is benefitting from the poor quality of air? The last question might sound odd, but usually there is an industry that is benefiting. I think by asking these question, you will have a great start.  Finally, tie this question to the broader environmental movement, then you have another angle.