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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I can see that you are a person of few words. Bias is anything that slants you towards something. It can be a preconceived notion about something that influences you, or it can be the way you grew up, or your personal preferences, or your historical situatedness. Anything and everything touches upon biases. For example, I am a man. Therefore, I have a male bias. I am an American. So, I am an American bias. I am an person who grew up in the 80's. So, I have an 80's bias. I love to read history. So, I have a bias towards history. The list goes on. So, I think it is most honest to divulge your biases and know that you have them. In fact, all people have them.

mkcapen1 | Student

Bias is an inclination or tendency to create a specific outlook or mode. Bias in terms of social science means that a person conducting research may lean his research in a certain way or perceive the outcome of the research in a manner that proves his theory to be accurate.  Bias is simply used to convince people to believe the way that one wants them to believe.  The news media exhibits bias in the manner in which news is presented.  The media in general demonstrates bias towards populations, crime, sexuality, etc.  Social bias through the media then affects the way that society thinks and behaves.