Explain, using examples, how the themes of realism are represented in Galdós's novel La de Bringas.

When thinking about how the themes of realism are represented in Galdós's La de Bringas, note that the novel is heavily centered on the lives of bourgeoisie characters and contains a substantial amount of physical and spatial descriptions.

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Recall that literary realism is a writing genre in which the mundane and commonplace are depicted without fanciful and flowery language. Many authors in this genre of writing favor objectivity over romanticism and naturalism over supernaturalism. Moreover, they are very much concerned with direct observation as opposed to illusions and speculations. Many works of realism are centered on the lives of middle and lower class characters, whose experiences, one could argue, are markedly less ornate and extravagant than their wealthy and aristocratic counterparts. When considering how realism is represented in Benito Pérez Galdós's La de Bringas, consider who and what he chooses to describe and how he chooses to describe them.

First, note that the novel features many characters who are members of the bourgeoisie class. Think about why Galdós is concerned with the members of this class and how this relates to realist ideations. Also, think about what the bourgeoisie class represented in nineteenth-century Spain, especially in relation to members of upper classes.

Second, note that Galdós spends a great deal of time describing spaces and objects throughout his narrative. He talks about clothing, doors, walls, and the like. Reflect on why he chooses to hone in on the spacial and physical elements of his story and how this relates to the realist tradition of observation.

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