Explain the United States' role in the emerging global community.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a fairly interesting topic.  It certainly is quite timely.  I think that the modern and emerging global community is one where the United States has a specific function and role.  Exactly what that is might be open to interpretation.  While it might lack exact definition, I sense that there are some elements that have to be included within it.  I think that the United States must continue to represent individual rights, freedom, and the protection of democracy.  When these particular values are not represented by America in how it approaches its own process of governing, bad things usually happen.  Given the fact that America is currently immersed in a conflict with terrorism that is both domestic and external, representing these values is essential.  At the same time, the globalized economic setting makes collaboration with other nations on multiple levels priceless. The days of the United States acting unilaterally might not be as present as they once were.  Given the ongoing worldwide economic crisis, America's role might be a collaborative one where we work with other nations to enhance commerce, trade, and the establishment of new markets.  Finally, I think that the formentioned threat of terror makes this collaboration vital.  America cannot afford to isolate or alienate other nations in the sharing of intelligence and new measures to counter the threats that wish the United States harm.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This really depends on when you say that a global community is emerging -- it is not clear what time period you are talking about in this question.

Just guessing, I would say that this is talking about the time after WWII.  You could argue that this is when the idea of a global community first really got started.  This is when the UN and the IMF and such were created.

During this time, the United States was one of two superpowers (all around, I'd say it was the stronger of the two).  It was the leader of the "free world" and took the head position in fighting communism around the world.  It was also the leader in efforts to promote peace and economic stability in the world.  In this capacity, for example, it was one of the permanent members of the UN Security Council and the leading force in the IMF and World Bank.

rsm1935 | Student

America must clearly assume responsibility to promote continued globalization. Promoting the expansion of communication via cell phones and the internet will result in economic and political progress in many parts of the world. Writing new global rules and regulations in cooperation with other nations, both developed and emerging, will also be beneficial.

It is useful to view parts of the developing world  as America viewed the "wild west" of our history. There is a great need for investment of both private and public capital to promote development of infrastructure. There is a need to establish law and order either with a sheriff or the cavalry. There is a need to show patience as some nations make mistakes and move more slowly than  we expect. We need to accept the concept that economic progress must often precede democratic progress.

Globalization will continue and we are benefiting from it in unimaginable ways.  America must recognize this and continue to be totally engaged.