Explain an understanding of the book from an educational point of view.

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Discipline, Love, Growth and Religion are identified by the author, M. Scott Peck, as the essential elements for a person to truly "grow." His idea is that very few people ever attain true growth and maturity - hence the title, "The Road Less Traveled."

His presupposition is that there is no way to distinguish between intellectual growth and spiritual growth. The idea, though very different from most contemporary theorists, is that the whole person grows or there is no real growth at all.

From an educational perspective, one of the most applicable aspects of Peck's narrative is his emphasis on Delayed Gratification in the section on Discipline. Both students and instructors alike are served better if they will approach the education process with patient commitment. Most want a short cut or an easy answer. But with the hard work and discipline involved in the understanding that the payoff comes later and is worth the effort, the process is transformative.

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