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Explain two ways in which workers were affected by the growth of large businesses from 1870–1890.

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With the arrival of the Second Industrial Revolution following the American Civil War, many changes came to American society. With technological improvements came the growth of manufacturing. This would lead into the Gilded Age. This time period was marked by the growth of big businesses, the excessive wealth of some American industrialists, and a greater availability of goods in markets. It is also noted for rapid urbanization, poor work conditions, and the downfall of many small businesses and small business owners. Workers of this period were affected in many ways, some of which were positive, while others were not.

Many industrial workers of the Gilded Age were recent arrivals to the areas in which they worked. With agricultural technology improving and the price of agricultural goods falling, many small farmers quickly found themselves in a position where farming was no longer economically feasible. These farmers would leave the agricultural industry to begin working in...

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