Explain the title "the call of the wild"?

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In The Call of the Wild by Jack London, Buck is kidnapped from his majestic, orderly home in California and sold as a sled dog during the Klondike Gold Rush. In his home, he reigns over the grounds and is owned by a judge, a symbol of fairness and civilization. He watches over the property and sits at the judge's feet at night. Buck is so accustomed to fairness and civility, he does not fight when a rope is slipped over his neck, the first stage in his kidnapping.

As he arrives in the Klondike, he learns the laws of a disorderly, uncivilized country. He understand he cannot defeat a man with a club. He learns from other dogs to dig a hole in the snow to remain warm at night. His survival depends on upon adapting to this hostile environment. He succeeds in his adaptation and eventually becomes a ruler in this wilderness. In a dreamy state, he sees a caveman-like figure around a fire and reconnects to this past. He surrenders his civilized being and returns to a primordial state. In essence, Buck hears the call of the wild, the call of nature, the call to return to a wild world where he can still prevail. Once he heeds this call, he has broken ties with the judge's world of fairness and entered the realm of the wild where nature rules.