Explain three poetic devices in the poem "The Slave's Dream" in good paragraphs."The Slave's Dream" by henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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We cannot write your essay for you but we can help you locate the poetic devices.

This is a great anti-slavery poem by Longfellow. In it, he describes an African king who is lying in a field of rice, bound for life as a slave.

There are many metaphors in the poem. Here is an example of a metaphor (sleep is compared to mist and shadow):

Again, in the mist and shadow of sleep,
   He saw his Native Land.

Another metaphor:

Wide through the landscape of his dreams
   The lordly Niger flowed;

His dreams are compared to a landscape.

Here is a simile:

Before him, like a blood-red flag,
   The bright flamingoes flew;

He compares the flamingoes to a flag.

There are two examples of personificatiobn in the following:

The forests, with their myriad tongues,
   Shouted of liberty;
And the Blast of the Desert cried aloud,
   With a voice so wild and free,

The forest having a tongue, and the desert crying aloud.

Write about how the poetic devices make a strong anti-slavery statement.

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