Explain three factors necessary to ensure efficient circulation of fluid to all body cells.

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selmasharafaz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Efficient circulation of body fluids is very important in maintaining proper health. The circulatory system is mainly divided into two types - the cardiovascular circulatory system and the lymphatic circulatory system. The former one circulates blood through the blood vessels with the help of an efficient pumping system powered by the heart. The lymphatic system circulates the lymphatic fluids in the body through lymph vessels and does not have any pump like heart. Both circulations are necessary to transport nutrients, ions, immune cells etc. throughout the body.

Poor circulation can lead to toxin accumulation, poor immunity, diseases, organ malfunctions, aches, pains, swellings, etc.

Three main factors needed to maintain efficient circulation are regular exercise, a healthy diet and fluid (water) intake. There are other things too, like massages, steam bath and lifestyle modifications. A sedentary lifestyle negatively affects fluid circulation. Exercising stimulates circulation and thereby enhances delivery of nutrients to cells and increases immunity. Massages increase circulation in soft tissues and thus have proven benefits. Both blood and lymph are fluids and their rate of circulation will be retarted when the body is dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water and eating the right kind of food are thus key to proper circulation in the body.