Explain the Three-factor Model of multicultural counseling for consumers with disabilities.

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The three factors in the three-factor model of multicultural counseling for clients with disabilities are (1) cultural identity, (2) stage of development, and (3) adjustment to disability. These are to be individualized in the development and application to specific clients. The objective of the three-factor model is to "facilitate the working alliance and thereby serve to enhance the effectiveness of counseling interventions" ("Three-factor model of multicultural counseling for consumers with disabilities," Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation. Virginia Commonwealth University).

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Multicultural counselling is a metatheoretical approach that recognises that all helping methods that ultimately exist within a cultural context. It includes ethnographic and demographic variables, status, education, economy as well as formal and informal affiliations.

 The three factor model of multicultural counselling for consumers with disabilities is a conceptual framework and not a comprehensive theory of multicultural counseling.

 It requires the counselors to consider

a) where the consumer is, developmentally (stage of development)

b) where the consumer is, in terms of cultural identification (cultural identity)

c) how the consumer defines optimal adjustment to the impairment (adjustment to disability)