explain this stanza in detail plz The inmates of my cottage, all at rest, Have left me to that solitude, which suits Abstruser musings: save that at my side My cradled infant slumbers peacefully. 'Tis calm indeed! so calm, that it disturbs And vexes meditation with its strange And extreme silentness. Sea, hill, and wood, With all the numberless goings-on of life, Inaudible as dreams!

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote "Frost at Midnight" as part of a series of poems that deals with his belief that every child should grow up in the English countryside.  The imortance of nature and religion are apparent in this passage.  He says that everyone in the house is sound asleep, including his baby.  He says that the sleep is so calm and peaceful that it is almost strange and that this calmness is due to the sounds of nature outside: the ocean and trees, etc.  The word Abstruser was often used during this time period of English literature, but it no longer used in this way.  It means difficult to comprehend. He is saying that he is left alone with his complex thoughts (knowing Coleridge, they are probably in relation to God).

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