Beatrice and Virgil Questions and Answers
by Yann Martel

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Explain this quote from Life of Pi: "My foot sank into clear water and met the rubbery resistance of something flexible but solid"

The quote simply means that Pi has finally found dry land. After drifting on the high seas with Richard Parker for what seems like an eternity, Pi and the tiger have landed on an island populated by meerkats. Even so, it's not until Pi can smell land that he believes he's finally found it. Sticking his foot into the water a couple of times and feeling the firm sand beneath his toes wasn't enough.

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At long last, Pi has discovered dry land. After a long and arduous sea journey with Richard Parker, the young man is pretty much ready to give up the ghost. So when his foot finally touches dry land—that rubbery substance, flexible but solid—he still can't quite believe it.

The skeptical Pi tries again, almost expecting his foot to sink; that way he'll know it's just an illusion, a...

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