Explain this quotation from Cather's "Neighbor Rosicky," and say what it indicates about Anton Rosicky's personal characteristics and values. That's it; you can help her a little. My Lord, Rosicky, you are one of the few men I know who has a family he can get some comfort out of; happy dispositions, never quarrel among themselves, and they treat you right. I want to see you live a few years and enjoy them.

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Doctor Burleigh speaks these lines to his patient, Anton Rosicky, when he comes to check on the old man's health. Rosicky is sixty-five years old and his heart is starting to show signs of wear. This little speech indicates that Rosicky values hard work, as he is so unwilling to give it up entirely. Further, the doctor speaks these lines in response to Rosicky's statement that his wife, Mary, is an "awful hard worker" herself and that he would, perhaps, be in her way if he were to hang around the house. He insists that the kitchen is no place for a man and he doesn't want to hang around the house. The idea of being idle or unproductive is so foreign and unappealing to him. This shows what a high value he places on doing his work and laboring outdoors on his farm.

The doctor's speech also shows how much Rosicky values peace within his family. The doctor says that Rosicky is one of the "few men" he knows who "has a family he can get some comfort out of." Evidently, it is relatively...

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