Explain the exposition, rising conflict, climax, and resolution for "A Good Man is Hard to Find".

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The exposition includes the background information regarding the Grandmother and her family, which includes her son, Bailey, his unnamed wife, and their children, John Wesley and June Star. The exposition also includes the family's plan to travel to Florida instead of Tennessee, which is where the Grandmother wants to visit. There is also information about an escaped convict named the Misfit, who is heading towards Florida.

The rising action includes the family's road trip to Florida with the Grandmother riding in the backseat in between her two grandchildren, their stop at a barbecue stand, Bailey's decision to listen to his mother by turning down a dirt road, and their car accident, which leaves them stranded on the side of the road. The three armed men approaching the car is also included in the rising action, as well as the Grandmother recognizing the Misfit. The family members being escorted into the woods one-by-one to be killed is also included in the rising action.

The climax is the...

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