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Explain the themes and theology in the Book of Exodus.

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The Book of Exodus follows a sustained narrative beginning first with the life of Moses, a Hebrew raised among Egyptian royalty, before showing how God used Moses to deliver the Hebrews from Egyptian bondage and lead them towards the country promised to Abraham, the ancient patriarch of the Hebrew people. At the end of the story, God delivers his Law to the Israelites.


  • Covenant and Promises – A covenant is a relationship between two parties that may be conditional or unconditional. This idea of a covenant between God and humanity has precedence in the Book of Genesis, where many times God establishes a sequence of covenants with characters like Adam, Noah, and Abraham. In Exodus, the covenant specifically between God and the Israelites comes into fruition with the coming of the Law, and is distinct from the covenants in Genesis in that it is conditional on the Hebrews keeping the Law. The Law and the Covenant form the basis for the Hebrew...

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