Explain themes of modernism and how they're represented in James Joyce's - 'Araby' Explain themes of modernism such as loneliness, a shift in paradigms and a sense of the loss of 'ontological ground'. And how they are explored in James Joyce's 'Araby'. Use modernist literary features to portray these ideas. Also name key figures/events at the time which back up these responses.  

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Joyce is one of the greatest of the modernist writers.  Adolescents and teenagers make perfect modernist narrators, because it is a time of great angst, exploration and evaluation.  That is also what modernist writing was largely about.  Teenagers often question what they have been told all their lives to revere, such as the church.  The boy's fascination at the priest's death is an example of this.  The story also uses modernist techniques of punctuation.

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