Explain the theme of the poem "Time" in full detail."Time" by Allen Curnow

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It would seem that using time as your theme might be too simple, but, it is definitely a theme.

To maybe specify time more clearly, you could use the perseverence of time. Sometimes when we reference the word time we are talking about a specific moment. Here in this piece, we see its drastic attention to varieties of activity that can occur in any generation, culture, or era. We see notice of that which is tangible, known, or sensed otherwise over a great persevering amount of time.

Time is referenced as having an enduring quality too. This is most specifically shown in the poem's lone biblical allusion to "the Beginning and the End". These demonstrate great lengths that are unknown because although we have great abilities in science, none of us have seen with our own two eyes the great length Time has already spanned, nor do with we know when it will end.

Using the word "measurable", I think the author notes our efforts to try to put something so big into a box, but we can't. Time is infinite. We can't change that. Look at how the references he makes occur every day. They are likely to never end.

Good luck with your work, I hope this helped.