Explain the theme of order and disorder in "Vendor OF Sweets"?

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The theme of order/disorder is closely related to that of the clash of generations, and of East versus West. Through hard work over many years, Jagan has built himself a nice little business. He leads an ordered existence amidst a chaotic, ever-changing world. All that changes, however, when Jagan's son, Mali, returns to India with Grace, his Korean bride. Mali's superficially Western ways introduce an element of disorder into Jagan's life. A college dropout who yearns for the trappings of modern life, Mali inhabits a world in which everything is out of place, and in which nothing is permanent or enduring. His taste for alcohol leads to his going to jail for drink-driving. Although Jagan is not above a little creative accounting when it comes to filing his tax returns, his low-level criminality is more in keeping with an orderly existence than the more brazen actions of his son. In due course, however, Jagan will attempt to renounce the world in its entirety in order to rediscover some of the stability that he's lost since Mali came back to India.

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