Identify a theme of The Home and the World.

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One of the themes that emerges from the story is the idea that political action is multi- faceted.  Political action is not entirely pure and while there are individuals who embrace its purity, those in the position of leadership might not have the cause as their sole purpose.  Tagore's depiction of Sandip is one such instance where political leadership is not done as much for the belief in a cause as much as it is to substantiate his own position of power.  Sandip's charismatic ways are as much to attract individuals to the movement as well as attract individuals like Bimala to his own sense of being in the world.  His status is one in which he is able to use political power into feeding his own agenda.  In this, Tagore is able to illuminate the theme that politics in the modern setting is an entity with many facets to it.  At a time when political action was taking hold in India in different forms, the idea of illuminating the potential for individual notions of the good concealed by the calls for "national unity" and transcendent notions of political being is thematically powerful.  It is for this reason that the multiple dimensions of political action becomes a major theme in Tagore's novel.