Explain theme of change in Philip Larkin's poetry.

mkcapen1 | Student

Phillip Larkin was a poet who became disillusioned with many things in life.  He was from England and he began to view the world outside England as causing England to become more isolated.  He himself was creating a self-induced isolation from others.  Larkin was an unhappy man who had difficulty growing older.  He became more and more resentful of life as he himself began to experience the physical changes brought forth by aging.

Larkin presents the theme of change through-out many of his poems.  As Larkin experienced decay in his own life his writing also changed and seemed to become more a sounding board for his discontent with the changes.  His poetry also reflected the desire to be youthful and to return to the stage of youth so that he could experience the joys youth has to offer.

shonagil | Student

Larkin"s many poems deal with the theme of change. it waz perhaps due to his boredom with the monotony of life.His poems like Mr bleaney, MCMXIV, deal with the theme of change. In MCMXIV first 2 stanzaz depict the calm n serene monotony of life. people standing in a queue seem 2 enjoy , but last 2 stanzaz present a stark contrast with the frst 2 stanzaz. this sudden change is due to the world war ,which made the routine of life to shatter, resulting in a drastic n destructive change.

moreover in mr bleaney, the stanza 2 which says 'windows show a strip of building land/Tussocky littered' presents the threat of urbanization. it depicts the change in society due to upcoming urbanization. it is although a gr8 skill on part of Larkin 2 introduce theme of change in the monotony of the life of Mr bleaney n the respective persona.

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