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Absurd is a term derived from the existentialism of Albert Camus presented in his essay "Le Mythe de Sisyphe" (1942) and is applied to 'The Theatre of the Absurd' consisting of a body of plays written primarily in France from the mid-1940's through the 1950's. The phrase "theatre of the absurd" was first used by the British scholar Martin Esslin in 1961.

To understand the Absurd as a serious form of literature, one has to be familier with the preoccupations and anxieties of the post-war modern world.

The theatre fo the Absurd believes that reality is meaningless and senseless.  The absurdists have no belief in God and calls man's life as a mere circulatory progress from nothing to nothing.  According to them the true field of battle is inside us, in the Unconscious.  Hence it attacks the threshold of consciousness using mainly visual devices and language in a state of fragmentation. For the absurdists regarded themselves as loaners and outsiders isolated in their private world and were sensitive in projecting thoughts and feelings of their contemporaries.