Explain the type of coupling (and hence dependencies) that can be expected for task services, utility services, and entity services. How does coupling at the service level affect the capabilities of the service that is dependent on either external or internal implementations?

Task services are coupled with entity services so that the entities can communicate with one another. Utility services are included to keep an eye on the system.

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Since the services listed in the question do not exist in a vacuum, someone can expect a range of coupling between task services, utility services, and entity services.

Ideally, the task service should pair with the entity service to bring the different kinds of entities into contact with one another. Say there’s an online business that sells environmentally-friendly sandals. This business will possess many kinds of entities. A customer will be an entity. Within the entity of a customer, there will be further entities, such as a specific purchase, an invoice for that purchase, a date for the purchase, and so on.

All of the above entities need to link to one another, or else this sandal business is going to have a big mess on their hands. This is where task services come in. Task services couple to entity service because task services provide the business logic that allows the purchase, the purchase date, the invoice for the purchase, and any other applicable entities to come together as one.

Utility services come into play because they can be paired with the other two services and act as something like a watchdog. With utility services, a business acquires services such as event logging and exception handling. They can easily track and accumulate problems (events) within their system and provide ways for their system to overcome (handle) the glitches.

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