Explain the theme of beauty in Allende's "An Act of Vengeance."

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The theme of beauty in Allende's "An Act of Vengeance" is used to highlight the profound differences that exist between people in this land torn apart by civil war.

Dulce Rosa is explicitly described in the story as not being the most attractive girl in the Carnival Queen beauty contest. She only wins the contest because her father, Senator Orellano, happens to be the most powerful man in the entire province.

As the victorious Dulce Rosa stands waving to the crowd, the winner's bouquet in her hand, the assembled throng curse her through their teeth, angry and upset at the outcome of the rigged beauty contest and the autocratic power of Senator Orellano that it expresses.

In the inevitable outcome of the contest, beauty has been distorted for political ends. The grumbling that accompanies Dulce Rosa's controversial win is an expression of the social tensions that have given rise to a bitter, bloody civil war.

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