Explain the steps Claudia and Jamie took to avoid being noticed by the museum guards in From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.

The steps that Claudia and Jamie took to avoid being noticed by the museum guards in From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler included leaving the museum, returning before closing time, telling guards that they were meeting their mom, and hiding in bathrooms until everyone departed but them.

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To explain the steps that Claudia and her brother, Jamie, took to avoid being noticed by the museum guards, take a look at the parts that articulate the ways in which the siblings were able to evade detection from the security apparatus of New York City’s famous Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met). In other words, review the passages that show how Claudia and Jamie managed to sleep in the museum without the Met security guards finding out.

What Claudia did first was form a plan. She did not run away from her allegedly ungrateful parents without forethought. She critically considered where she would escape, the brother she would take with her, and the sacrifices she would have to make (e.g., no more hot fudge sundaes). If Claudia had not taken the step to carefully think through her flight, it’s unlikely that she and Jamie would have lasted on their own for as long as they did.

As for the specific steps, one step involves an assumption. Claudia correctly guessed that no one would think it was odd for her and her younger brother to wander around the museum. As the narrator, Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, says, “After all, about a thousand school children visit the museum every day.”

Another key step relates to how the guards deal with the museum goers. They note the people entering but they don’t check the people leaving. When Claudia and Jaime would leave and return before closing time, they’d tell the guard they were just meeting their mother so that they didn’t have to check their things or be counted in any kind of officious way.

A third crucial step links to the bell. The bell sound means that the Met will close in five minutes. To conceal themselves, Claudia and Jamie took up residence in the applicable bathrooms until they were sure that everyone had gone and that they were the only two people left.

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