Explain the purpose of Mrs. Schächter in the book Night by Elie Wiesel.

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Madame Schächter's unhinged outburst gives her fellow inmates a disturbing premonition of what's in store for them when they arrive at Auschwitz. Most of the prisoners are no doubt still hoping against hope that things won't be quite so bad as they fear when they finally arrive at their destination, but Madame Schächter's frightening premonition is much nearer to the truth.

Even now, despite all the brutality and violence they've already experienced while being forcibly removed from their homes and deported, most of the Jewish prisoners still have no idea as to what lies ahead. Madame Schächter is one of the few that has. She may be going out of her mind, but she has a much better understanding of the situation than anyone else aboard the train. In the lurid visions of hell that plague and torment her rapidly...

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