Explain the process of digestion and absorption of lipids.

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The process of digestion and the absorption of lipids is pretty fantastic when we stop to think about it. Let's go over the basics of these these processes to help you get started on this assignment.

As you write about the process of digestion, you will want to talk about what happens in the mouth, how the food travels down the esophagus and into the stomach, what happens in the stomach (think about digestive juices), how the process continues in the small intestine (absorption of water and nutrients), the role of the large intestine, and the elimination of waste. You will especially want to focus on how the digestive system breaks down food and the organs and chemicals involved in this process. Think about the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder, and mention their roles as well.

Now you can turn your attention a discussion of the absorption of lipids. Lipids are fats like those in butter and vegetable oil, and our bodies process them using enzymes called lipases, primarily in the small intestine. You will want to talk about how the process begins in the mouth and stomach in a minor way, and then focus on the small intestine. Be sure to talk about bile and pancreatic lipases and how they work to break down the lipids. You will also want to talk about how absorption into the bloodstream occurs through vehicles called chylomicrons.

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