Explain the importance of Baldwin’s father’s funeral in helping the son "resolve" the relationship/conflict with his father.

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James Baldwin’s father’s funeral in Notes of a Native Son is a pivotal moment within the narrative and within Baldwin’s life. Baldwin’s father’s funeral happens on Baldwin’s birthday and several hours before the birth of Baldwin’s father’s last child. Moreover, a massive riot breaks out in Harlem due to a rumor circulating that a white police officer shot a black man in the back.

All of these things set up an almost "apocalyptic" atmosphere , as Baldwin writes, and are symbolic of the catastrophic changes that are occurring in James Baldwin’s own life and mentality. It is symbolic of the mix of rage and pain that Baldwin began feeling at a young age. However, it is his father’s funeral that helps quell the anger he feels, and instead, he begins to confront the pain in the loss of his father—and the loss of a relationship never...

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