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Explain the impact of culture on an organisation's ability to effectively manage and share information.

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The culture that takes root in an organization can be the result of a deliberate decision by an owner or management to create a specific culture, or it can arise naturally and incrementally as a result of an owner’s or management’s personality and temperament and the methods employed for operating the organization. Either way, almost all organizations have a culture that directly affects communications and morale. An organizational culture permeated by personality differences and rivalries will invariably be reflected in the manner in which intraoffice communications take place. Decisions on whom to include in email chains, for example, may be influenced for worse by an individual or group of individuals’s feelings about another member of the organization. The member may be socially and organizationally isolated due to those negative sentiments. There is very often a direct link between culture and communications.

In addition to the adverse effects of personality conflicts on...

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