Maus Questions and Answers
by Art Spiegelman

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Explain the employment of “mask-wearing” in Art Spiegelman’s Maus: A Survivor’s Tale.

The employment of wearing masks in Spiegleman's Maus is found in chapter five when Anja and Vladek go to Sosnowiez, Poland to escape the Nazis. Polish people are drawn as pigs and Jews are drawn as mice in the book, so when Anja and Vladek pretend to be Polish, Spiegelman draws them wearing pig masks (with a string around their heads and connected to the snout). They also speak German on the street to hide their identity.

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In chapter five of Spiegelman's Maus , Anja and Vladek go to Sosnowiez, Poland in an effort to escape capture by Nazis. Luckily, they knew how to speak German, which was the language that everyone had to speak once the Nazis took over a country. Of course, to help them blend in with the Polish people, they didn't wear the yellow star of David on their clothes, either. To demonstrate the concept that Anja and Vladek were trying to blend in, Spiegelman also draws a pig face mask with a string...

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