Explain the difference between Anthropo-centrism and Theo-centrism?

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The word "anthropocentrism" refers to placing man at the center of one's worldview, and "theocentrism" refers to a God-centered worldview. Since Petrarch is the subject of this question, it likely refers to the intellectual movement known as humanism. Petrarch, a fourteenth-century Italian poet, scholar, and theologian, is regarded by many to be the father of this philosophy, which provided the intellectual foundation for the Italian Renaissance. What was anthropocentric about Petrarch's work was its subject matter and its orientation. He wrote a great deal of love sonnets, many of which were to a forbidden lover named Laura. These works focused on human behavior, rather than the divine will or the glorification of God. Like the Renaissance humanists that would follow him, he looked to Latin and Greek texts, as well as to the Bible and religious works, to find truths about man. For these reasons, his work was anthropocentric.

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