Explain the character of Stanley Webber in Harold Pinter's play The Birthday Party.  

The character of Stanley Webber in Harold Pinter’s play The Birthday Party is something of a recluse. He spends practically all his time shut away in his bedroom at Meg and Petey Boles’ boarding house. A lonely, isolated man, Stanley has nowhere to go, and so he refuses to venture outside of the boarding house.

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Stanley Webber is a very mysterious man, and there’s an awful lot we don’t know about him or his background. This is a wholly deliberate strategy on Pinter’s part as he doesn’t want to give too much away about his protagonist, preferring instead to keep the audience guessing about what really makes him tick.

Nevertheless, we can identify some of Webber’s salient characteristics. For one thing, he’s something of a recluse. He’s come to Meg and Petey Boles’ boarding house as a way of escaping his past life. We never know quite what it is that Webber’s running away from, but whatever it is it must be pretty disturbing, forcing him to stay cooped up inside his bedroom most of the time.

Webber is a lonely, isolated man who’s deliberately cut himself off from a world he clearly finds a source of unspeakable terror. Again, we don’t know why he feels this way, but isolation is a conscious strategy on Webber’s part to minimize his mental torment.

And Webber is indeed a very...

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