Explain how a force may produce a change in size or shape of an object?  

Expert Answers
gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An external force may cause a change in the state of motion, size and shape of an object. The force may cause a change in the internal arrangement of molecules making up the object and depending upon the magnitude of the force, the size or shape of the object may change. An example is the pulling force on a spring which causes its elongation, similar is the compressive force which compresses the spring. In both the cases, the force causes a change in the size of the spring. We can squeeze an orange and cause a change in its size. Similar is the result with compressing a clay ball. One can also see that pizza makers apply force on the dough and create thin or thick crust base and various sizes of the pizza out of it, thus force can be applied to change the size or shape or both of an object.

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