Explain if the study of religious faith is important.Explain if the study of religious faith is important.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the study of religious faith is incredibly important. This is of course for plenty of reasons, but I think one of the principal reasons is that there are large numbers of people in this world who ascribe to being part of one of the major religions. Because of the millions who are Muslim, or Christian, or Hindu etc, it is incredibly important to study what these religions actually believe and where they stand on a number of global issues that are important to us all.

Secondly, religion is an intensely personal matter, though of course, as the point above suggests, it impacts us all too. Exploring religion means to deepen our own understanding of such massive questions as where we come from, who we are and what our purpose is in life. Some of the major religions have contradictory answers, and so looking at religions helps us to work out our own beliefs.

Lastly, I think studying different religions becomes increasingly important in an age of globalisation where we are constantly thrust into closer contact with those with whom formerly we would probably have never met.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the study of different examples of religious faith is important.  In "study," I mean that there is much to be learned from different religious experiences and traditions.  This should not be an attempt to convert or to proselytize anyone, but rather it is an examination of religions faith and the dimensions of spirituality.  In an increasing globalized world, it is important to have a greater understanding of the different religious traditions of the world's inhabitants.  As cultures become more interdependent and intertwined, the need to understand religious expressions is more essential in order for cultural appreciation to emerge.  At the same time, if one wishes to avoid the trap of one religion dominance, being able to contrast it with other religious expressions becomes vital.  This process might also be able to explore issues of common ground between religious traditions, and hopefully reducing religious tensions and antagonisms.  In this light, I think that the study of religious faiths and traditions is important and has relevancy in the modern setting.

bhawanipur | Student

Ultimate reality is only one for all though we ponder around many. There are so many verses in vedas to preach to various gods and yet there is the ultimate reality we is not told to the ignorant people by the prists. Therefore there are always quarrel among the various groups of believers. Also, the prists exploits the ignorant and as a result Buddhism came into being. Though Buddhism emerged in India, now it is not the set of belief in India.

In other scripture also there are so many tales and it coveys messages to accept in our life which can give us real peace. But due to ignorance of the people about the messages in them and for aspirations of a few to make business in the name of religion, we are distracted and and remain far from the truth.

Religious beliefs i.e the text in those books have such morality which can make a man self-contented. People will not switch over to corruption if he realises that his body and soul are two different reality. Material body decay and yet its energy never loses. On the other hand we say "therefore I am" is the soul in a material body and it can neither be created nor destructed. Therefore even the scriptures say that it is a part of ultimate energy. There is certainly a source of energy.

What ever we do or make others suffer by my deeds is because of my body's aspirations and not of the soul. Yet we believe that it is me - body, mind, actions and ultimate energy= we feel we are, its ignorance the Indian phylosophy teaches.


bhawanipur | Student

Yes, it is very important to study religious faith to people like us and find out the the reality or real thought in it keeping pace with the time and take it to the superstitious masses.

Religion means a set of believe we perceive and adopt in our life to submit to a Higher being not for salvation but for solace. In our religion i.e. Hindu there are so many set of beliefs that one is confused th which he should clinge.

The main scripture of our religion is Vedas, puranas, Gita and Bhagawat. We are taught to believe in many gods and there are many process to devote. We see many people are still in superstitions and have been suffering from ignorance and try to proselibite others.

In view of the above we need to study about religious beliefs and convince people that there is only one Higher being who might have generated the universe, operating and destroys. Believing in many gods create confusion in us and also never feel contented

1. Studying and accepting the scientific view of religious beliefs can keep a man far from the deeds by which put others in trouble.

2. It can also give peace of mind.

3. We come to know that this phenomenal world and objects are subject to decay.

4. Yet it is true to them who do not know what is real and unreal.

5. There are three kinds of truth/realiy- a) what we see and perceive, b) there is ultimate reality in it yet we don't know and that is why we are mistaken and c) ultimate reality.