Explain strategies that can be used to minimise the negative environmental impacts of tourism whilst maximising the positive impacts.

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tourism that is not managed in a proper manner can severely impact the environment of the tourist destination.

This is the reason behind a new form of tourism carried out in a manner that is sustainable for the environment of the tourist destination and at the same time beneficial for the local population being adopted worldwide and is commonly referred to as eco-tourism.

Some strategies by which the negative environmental impacts of tourism are reduced in eco-tourism include:

  • Providing an option for tourists to stay with the locals instead of living in special resorts and hotels that have to be constructed for them. This affects the environment to a much smaller extent. In addition, tourists are able to share the way in which the locals live, which could be totally different from their own. The locals who accommodate the tourists have an incentive to not change for the sake of tourism as it is their original lifestyle that the tourists come to see.
  • Educating tourists about their impact on the environment of the tourist destination and telling them how they can keep it as low as possible.
  • Educating the local population on why their protecting the environment around them is essential to maintain tourism and assure they continue to benefit from it.
  • Ensuring the number of tourists who visit the location is sustainable so that tourism does not cause a damage which would soon make the place unattractive for tourists.
  • Enforcing strict laws on what the tourists can take back from the location and ensure that they cause no damage.