explain the strange ending of the story the snow of Kilimanjaro? english literature

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"The Snows of Kilimanjaro" is the story of a few days in the life of Harry, a would-be writer on safari in Africa with his wife, Helen.

The couple's safari has been cut short because Harry has an infected cut on his leg which has turned gangrenous. Helen has sent the guides to get a plane so that Harry can be flown to a hospital. Harry doesn't think this is worthwhile, and bickers incessantly with Helen, despite her best efforts to keep him comfortable. He feels that these efforts of hers have ruined his potential as a writer; making him too comfortable to achieve anything. He resents her, "[...] this rich bitch, this kindly caretaker and destroyer of his talent."

But even as Harry thinks this thought, he acknowledges its falsity:

Nonsense. He had destroyed his talent himself. Why should he blame this woman because she kept him well? He had destroyed his talent by not using it, by betrayals of himself and what he believed in, by drinking so much that he blunted the edge of his perceptions,...

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