Explain the steps involved in performing a literture search, and why the literature search is called an iterative process?no

silverstrunmmer | Student

There is no set formula, look in the Cochrane Library online they publsih guidlines for systamatic reviews (a hard nosed lit search)


Set out a clear research question

Decide on the databses you will search

Design a search stratagy that will retrieve all the target papers (use wild cards like Cult* to get cultural, culturally etc, use operators like OR to connect synonyms , eg Trial OR investigation.

Develop a set of screenig criteria to screen out unwanted papers

Screen them out using title and abstract

Read the remaining papers and screen out if needed

manually search the reference sections and bibliographys for more relavant papers

Analyse jiournal title and all authors from the final papers for ones that publish the type of article you want and target search them

Review the papers, this is best done in catagories that address the research question

Critically evaluate the papers

The above steps are not strictly iterative ( doing it over and over again) but not far off, as well as that if it goeas on for more than a couple of weeks you need to  "Rinse and repeat" as new papers are added to databases all the time