In chapter 5 of Book 1 in 1984, explain the significance of Winston's observations in the canteen. part 1 chapter 5

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As Winston looks about him in the canteen, he notices that all the people are ugly. They all seem to have the same characteristics about them as if they were selected for their features. They had fat faces with small eyes. They all had shorter legs and beetle-like bodies. They had a grumpy and stout look to them. These looks all added up to one conclusion for Winston:

It was the type that seemed to flourish best under the dominion of the Party.

These people would be successful worker bees for the Party. They would take the treatment of the Party and still fulfill the jobs that the different Ministries gave them to accomplish. These observations might be demonstrating that it takes a person with low self-esteem to lower themselves even further to work for a Party as destructive to the human soul as this one.

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