Explain the significance of Antony's funeral oration in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.

The significance of Antony's funeral oration is that it publicly reveals Antony's stance against Caesar's assassins and sways the Roman public in his favor, marking a turning point in the play.

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Antony's funeral oration in act three, scene two of Julius Caesar is the dramatic high point of the play. The speech shifts the balance of power in Antony’s favor, because it immediately spurs the masses to riot against the conspirators. Before Antony addresses the crowd, Brutus speaks to the public and claims that Caesar was an ambitious politician who would have oppressed the population if given the opportunity. Brutus also states that he would be willing to take his own life if he is in the wrong, and the crowd initially supports Brutus's assassination of Caesar.

Following Brutus's speech, Antony addresses the Roman populace who have gathered for Caesar's funeral. He begins by asking them to "lend [him their] ears," and he proceeds to covertly question Brutus's claim that Caesar was ambitious. During Antony's moving funeral oration, he portrays Caesar as a benevolent, selfless leader, who did not deserve to die. Antony brilliantly manipulates the crowd and utilizes irony by referring...

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